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How to Update Your Directory Page

Your directory page populates from a few different sources provided by the University. Contact Information is pulled from your official contact information with the University, while additional information for faculty is pulled from Faculty Profile.

Note: Changes to Contact Information and Faculty Profile may take up to a day to show changes.

See the table below on how to change a specific piece of information.

Photo SoM Change Request Form
Published Name BYU Contact Information -> Names
Position Title SoM Change Request Form
Curriculum Vitae (Faculty Only) Faculty Profile
Category's listed SoM Change Request Form
Website Faculty Profile
Email BYU Contact Information -> Email
Office Location BYU Contact Information -> BYU Work Address
Phone Number BYU Contact Information -> Phone Number
Biography SoM Change Request Form
Everything Else (Faculty Only) Faculty Profile

Changing Faculty Profile Information on your Bio Page:


How can I use Faculty Profile to determine what activities appear on my college website?

Each college determines which of the following other screens they will draw data from:

  • Education
  • Non-BYU Employment History
  • BYU Administrative Positions
  • Licenses and Certifications
  • Professional Memberships
  • Awards and Honors
  • Consulting
  • Publications
  • Creative Works (performances, exhibitions, and productions)
  • Presentations
  • BYU Citizenship
  • Professional/Public Citizenship

When you enter any of these screens, you’ll see a list of all your records. On the far right-hand side you’ll see a switch called “Allow Sharing” (see below). Move the switch to “Yes” to indicate you want that record to appear on your professional website. It takes a day or two for your page to update on your college webpage.